5G Module Integrated in to High End Camera Enables Real-time 4K Video Streaming

Fibocom, a leading global provider of IoT wireless solution and wireless communication modules has collaborated with LiveU to integrate the Fibocom FM150 5G wireless module in the LU800 HEVC. The LU800 is LiveU’s breakthrough all-in-one production-level field unit, designed for live news and dynamic sports coverage. Multi-camera production and superior video and audio capabilities are combined with mission-critical transmission via a native 5G unit.

Features of Fibocom FM150 5G Wireless Module

  • The LU800 combines multi-camera and superior video/audio capabilities with the mission-critical transmission in a native 5G unit. 
  • It supports 5G/4G/3G multi communication technologies empowered by the Fibocom FM150 5G module, enabling the seamless transmission of 4K videos in real-time over the 5G network.
  • The LU800 enables complex remote productions (REMI), supporting up to four fully frame-synced feeds in high resolution from a single unit. 
  • Delivering the highest-quality video performance, and offering the unparalleled quality of service and resiliency.

LiveU has designed its new flagship product LU800 to work with Fibocom FM150 5G modules and conducted successful tests worldwide. The Fibocom 5G modules enable the three typical scenarios of 5G - eMBB, uRLLC, and mMTC.

Fibocom’s 5G IoT wireless module supports both 5G SA and 5G NSA network architectures, accelerating the application of 5G in various vertical industries, such as high-definition video live broadcast, cloud office (ACPC), smart grid, 5G wireless gateway, 5G CPE, 5G SD-WAN, telemedicine, intelligent connected cars, smart transportation, autonomous driving, drone monitoring, robot service, smart retail, smart home, smart city, etc. Unlocks the value of all 5G functions, accelerating the deployment of large-scale IoT applications, promotes industrial upgrade, and helps customers deploy new functionalities now and assists them in future proof of their investment in the future.

Fibocom will continue to work on 5G wireless module products that are compliant with 3GPP standards, and help industry customers attain competitive leadership in their respective industries.