Advanced Rigid Substrate Material for High Frequency Chip Packaging

Dyconex, an MST company, has announced an advanced rigid multilayer substrate material that can be used to develop ultra-thin build-ups for various high-frequency applications like HF chip packaging. 

The material has good dielectric properties (low Dk and low Df) combined with a low thermal expansion coefficient (CTE) and high dielectric strength. Using anylayer technology the layers of the substrates are connected by laser drilled, copper filled microvias allowing for high-density / high-reliability designs. Other HDI build-up solutions are also available.

Key Features of the Substrate Include:
  • Epoxy-based laminates with low dielectric properties
  • High Tg, low CTE and high dielectric strength
  • Ultra-thin any layer HDIs from 4 layers (~220 µm) to 8 layers (~350 µm) with highest reliability
  • Impedance controlled ultra-fine line technology (down to 25 µm)
  • High-density pitch design (~175 µm)
  • Smallest via (50 µm) in pad (100 µm)
  • EN 9100:2009 certification

Click here to learn more about design features and layer build-up characteristics of this substrate.