SIMCom 5G Module to Accelerate the Smart Internet of Everything Industry

The commercial use of 5G will accelerate the Internet of Everything, by bringing about updates of cellular IoT technology, which will prompt the industry to constantly update and improve technologies and products. SIMCom recently launched an ultra-small 5G module - SIM8202G-M2, which not only makes SIMCom's 5G product line more diversified, but also effectively supports a wide range of 5G application scenarios.

The SIM8202G-M2 from SIMCom is a Multi-Band 5G module that supports NSA/SA networking and covers most Sub-6GHz (FR1) frequency bands across major network carriers around the world. The module uses a new 4-antenna design, which effectively increases communication capacity, sends and receives data in an active manner, and maintains high data speed and stability. It has a sub-6G downlink data rate of 2.4 Gbps and an uplink data rate of 500 Mbps. Click here to read more about this module.

Here is a list of some application areas that can be transformed by the use of 5G Technology

The Reformation of Robotics

SIMCom 5G modules have been used in 5G Cloud intelligent robots which the best carriers to practice the advanced technical features of 5G networks, such as high bandwidth, massive connectivity, and Low latency. Through 5G modules, loads of image, video and sensor data captured by the robot can be transmitted to the intelligent brain in the cloud, so as to improve the intelligence level and service capability of the robot. Cloud intelligent robots are gradually becoming an important service force in the community, medical care, retail and other scenarios.

4K/8K HD Video

The 5G video server also make distance education possible. The 4K/8K HD video brought by 5G and the virtualized scene combined with VR/AR can visualize abstract learning content, provide students with an immersive learning experience that can't be achieved with traditional textbooks, and enhance students' initiative to acquire knowledge and deepen their impression of knowledge. At the same time, many expensive experimental and training equipment cannot be popularized due to price restrictions. By establishing a virtual laboratory on a multimedia computer, students can immersively operate virtual instruments and improve learning efficiency.

5G backpack enables live broadcast anytime, anywhere

In the past, limited by network connections, the image quality of live broadcast videos was not high, and it took a long time to prepare fiber wiring. SIMCom's 5G module has been used in 5G backpack, which makes HD live streaming possible. It effectively reduces the cost of live streaming, which makes real-time interaction possible.

Industrial Gateways

SIMCom 5G module SIM8202G-M2 has been used in 5G Industrial Gateway, which can help users access high-speed internet quickly and realize safe and reliable data transmission. It is suitable for EMS (energy management system), MES (manufacturing execution system) and production process of manufacturing and processing enterprises signal acquisition and data transmission. thereby achieving industrial automation.

CPE connects more devices to the network

SIMCom and Coolpad jointly launched a CPE, which effectively solves the last-mile application problem. it turns the carrier network signal into a Wi-Fi signal, so that more devices can be connected to the network. You can surf the Internet on mobile phones, iPads, and laptops with the help of CPE, enjoying the ultra-fast Internet experience brought by 5G.

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