Tiny, High Performance, Coaxial mm-Wave Antennas for 28/39/60 GHz Bands

Maja Systems, a team of innovators with decades of Millimeter-Wave experience has developed a series of coaxial helix mm-Wave antennas based on patented technology. The AirData antennas are patented high-performance, low cost mmWave antennas for 28 GHz, 39 GHz, and 60 GHz bands. Each AirData antenna is available with either a surface-mount (SMT) termination for standard reflow attachment or with an industry-standard coaxial connector. The antennas provide a gain of 10 dBi with an operating bandwidth of up to 10% and are available with right-hand or left-hand circular polarization. The AirData antennas are an ideal replacement for expensive and bulky waveguide antennas and can be used in T&M and 5G applications and for range and metrology.  

The AirData antenna is based on a helix design, which is scalable to lower and higher frequencies, including 77 and 94 GHz. 

Applications of AirData Antennas:

  • Test and MeasurementAirData mmW coaxial antennas are suitable for all 5G bands, and connect directly to 1.85mm or 2.92mm connectors on all popular T&M equipment. AirData antennas are low-cost and are great for large testbeds supporting hundreds or thousands of antennas.
  • High-speed Sensors - Modern sensors such as LIDAR are often made of high-speed rotating links. AirData antennas exhibit multi GHz of bandwidth, circular polarization with best in class Axial Ratio and enable these sensors to replace a wire with a wireless interface, without requiring expensive polarizers and waveguide elements.
  • Autonomous Platforms - Autonomous platforms (cars, robots, unmanned aerial vehicles) collect Terabytes of information every hour, and this data needs to be digested off the platform. AirData AV-1 solves this problem by providing a fast and highly secure wireless interface.

Each antenna is available in either a surface-mount format, compatible with standard reflow attach to a PCB, or with a standard 1.85 mm coaxial connector.

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