14th Annual Mobile Deployable Communications Conference to Take Place in January 2021

The SMi Group has announced that the 14th Annual Mobile Deployable Communications conference will return to Lisbon, Portugal on the 27 and 28 January 2021, with strong support from the Portuguese Army. As adversaries evolve, deployable communications need to develop stronger resilience in order to withstand the challenges associated with electronic warfare. Militaries must especially focus on the protection of communications in degraded environments as ever more complex electronic warfare technologies are deployed.

This annual military conference will bring together leading program managers, strategic decision-makers, industry experts and thought leaders from Europe and further afield to explore the latest developments in communications technology and the challenges associated with electronic warfare.

Mobile Deployable Communications 2021 will feature exclusive briefings from key regional partners and their international allies. Just some of the many presentations at the conference include:

The Portuguese Approach to Mobile CIS by Brigadier General Bento Soares, Director CIS, Portuguese Army
  • Capability management per the 2014 PRT DoD capability planning directive
  • C2S as an enabler: command post, mobile and low echelon use of Army C2
  • Robust and resilient tactical DCIS – maintaining FMN compliance for deployable forces
  • GRC-525 tactical communications radio – working with EID to deliver the SDR by 2023
Supporting NATO Operations Through Deployed Communications by Brigadier General Pantelis Arapis, Assistant Chief of Staff ACOS J6 Cyberspace, NATO SHAPE
  • An introduction to the work of NATO SHAPE and its role in supporting European forces
  • Where CIS can support coalition operations and utilising ad hoc networks for rapid response
  • How FMN is enabling interoperability and standardising CIS for partner nations
  • Concluding comments and thoughts on future requirements
Tactical Edge Networking Towards Digital Integration (Interoperability 2.0) by Colonel Robert Miedema, Program Manager FOXTROT and NLD Program Lead TEN, Netherlands MoD
  • An update on the DEU/NLD TEN Program
  • Towards product delivery and realizing benefi ts Spiral Zero (2023)
  • Amplifying interoperability through FMN Tactical Edge Syndicate

Click here to download the event brochure containing the full agenda and speaker line-up

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