Spirent Federal Updates its GNSS M-Code Simulator to Support Advanced Scenario Controls

Spirent Federal Systems, a leading provider of GPS and GNSS simulators, has announced the release of SimMNSA 2.0. The Modernized Navstar Security Algorithm, or MNSA, introduces updated cryptography to the GPS signal for the generation of M-code, which is being rolled out as part of the modernization of the current GPS constellation. GPS Modernization began in 2000. Until now, AES and SDS have been the only methods authorized for GPS M-Code simulation. SimMNSA implements the Modernized Navstar Security Architecture (MNSA), taking the next step in GPS signal modernization.

The release of SimMNSA 2.0 adds advanced scenario controls that enable full recreation of government test vectors while retaining the simple key and fly option of the initial release.

Spirent Federal was the original GNSS simulator manufacturing company to develop software that supports M-code signals using the Modernized Navstar Security Algorithm (MNSA). SimMNSA 1.0 was released in 2018 and is now used in laboratories throughout the country with receivers from all M-code manufacturers. Ellen Hall, President and CEO of Spirent Federal Systems said SimMNSA is the first MNSA-based M-code signal simulation to receive government security approval.

Release 2.0 of Spirent Federal’s SimMNSA is scheduled for later this year and will be available to authorized users of the GSS9000 Series, and at no additional cost to current SimMNSA users under maintenance contracts.

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