Cambium Using Facebook's Terragraph Technology for its New Multi-Gigabit 60 GHz mm-Wave Radios

Cambium Networks, a leading global provider of wireless networking solutions, announced the availability of new solutions based on 60 GHz millimeter wave technology, unleashing the potential of wireless broadband in urban and suburban areas with multi-gigabit performance that was previously only achievable by optical fiber.

The Cambium Networks 60 GHz cnWave solution uses Facebook Connectivity's Terragraph technology and Qualcomm Technologies' latest 802.11ay compliant technology to deliver reliable, fiber-like internet speeds at a significantly lower cost of ownership and faster time to market than alternative last-mile wired networks.

Cambium's 60 GHz design architecture is built on the 802.11ay standard for higher capacity and better channel access and mesh support. Coupled with intelligent management software, the new Cambium solution enables a very low total cost of ownership that delivers connectivity at a fraction of the cost of trenching fiber. It is also an ideal complement to cable networks struggling to deliver the symmetrical performance now needed as 60 GHz cnWave delivers symmetrical multi-gigabit performance (up and down), an especially critical capability in today's work-from-home environment. The compact size of 60 GHz cnWave means it is easily mounted on street furniture and is capable of operating in point-to-point, in point-to-multipoint or in efficient mesh modes, for last mile access to subscriber homes, enterprises, multi-dwelling buildings, CCTV networks, public Wi-Fi networks or potentially as backhaul for small cell 4G or 5G network traffic.

Cambium President and CEO Atul Bhatnagar said they are one of the few, if not the only wireless company deploying a multi-gigabit wireless fabric. One of their company’s missions is to bridge the digital divide by providing high performance broadband connectivity to underserved communities around the world. Their 60 GHz millimeter wave solution brings expanded, cost-effective access at multi-gigabit wireless speeds to homes and businesses everywhere. With this achievement, they are changing the economics of broadband for urban, suburban, rural, industrial and enterprise environments.

Building on its leadership in wireless broadband in developing communities, this also marks the first Cambium platform that is optimal for multi-gigabit urban deployments.

60 GHz wireless systems represent a breakthrough development that is going to present major opportunities for service providers in terms of ease of deployment and lowering total cost of ownership. The technology will remove barriers that have slowed down the rollout of high-speed broadband by service providers. With Cambium's entry to the market, it is now positioned to benefit from the fact that 60 GHz systems are an attractive alternative to other fixed solutions currently on the market at a disruptive cost.

Cambium's multi-gigabit wireless fabric extends multi-gigabit throughput from Wi-Fi (with the previously announced Wi-Fi 6 offerings) into wide area networks connecting businesses and residences in urban and dense environments. 60 GHz cnWave can also be used as wireless backhaul to Wi-Fi or other access networks at a fraction of the cost of wired networks. With this technology breakthrough, Cambium continues to disrupt network cost models by building out a multi-gigabit wireless fabric based on the convergence of both Wi-Fi and broadband backhaul.

Dan Rabinovitsj, vice president for Facebook Connectivity stated that incorporating Terragraph into the cnWave 60 GHz wireless solution will enable Cambium Networks to rapidly deploy a reliable multi-gigabit solution and connect more people to fiber-like internet speeds in urban, suburban and rural environments. They are excited to see Cambium bring Terragraph-compatible products to market and look forward to seeing next generation ultra high speed wireless network deployment using their solutions.

"We're excited about finally being able to acquire fiber-like broadband performance and reliability at a fraction of the cost of fiber," said Cameron Kilton, Chief Technology Officer of NextLink. "Until now, it required an expensive construction project to retrofit a congested, existing infrastructure. Now, we can significantly compress the time involved to achieve multi-gigabit connectivity without breaking the bank."

"By harnessing 60 GHz mmWave spectrum, 60 GHz based on the 802.11ay standard holds enormous potential to unlock multi-gigabit wireless backhaul, providing an attractive and cost-effective wireless alternative to fixed wired solutions," said Rahul Patel, senior vice president and general manager, connectivity, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. "We applaud technology innovators like Cambium as they provide high-speed wireless connectivity to more people, worldwide."