Keysight Partners with Qualcomm and SGS to Accelerate C-V2X Technology Testing

Keysight Technologies is working with Qualcomm Technologies and SGS to help advance testing of cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) technology. The three companies are focused on test cases covering radio frequency (RF) and radio resource management (RRM) performance verification of devices used for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) deployment scenarios.

The test cases, based on 3rd generation partnership projects’ (3GPP) Release 14 specifications, support C-V2X test plans prescribed by the OmniAir Consortium and the Global Certification Forum (GCF). In August 2020, SGS used Keysight's RF/RRM DVT & Conformance Toolset and the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Automotive 4G Platform to verify initial test cases at the certification company’s lab in San Diego.

According to Lucas Hansen, Senior Director at Keysight Technologies, Keysight’s collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies and SGS will help accelerate timelines for the wider automotive industry to adopt reliable communications protocols and technologies, helping to shape the future of transportation, logistics and mobility.

The automotive industry is in the process of implementing C-V2X technology to improve safety for drivers and passengers in moving vehicles, as well as pedestrians in transit.

As a result of the advancements in C-V2X tests and field trials, there has been a surge in the technology needed in vehicles that support real-time information sharing which is critical to deterring accidents, avoiding obstacles and broadcasting road-condition updates, says Prashant Dogra, Vice President, Engineering at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. The Snapdragon Automotive 4G Platform features integrated C-V2X and global navigation satellite system technology designed for precise timing and location.

David Chu, Vice President for CRS Electrical & Electronics at SGS, feels that these key working relationships, such as the one SGS established with Keysight and Qualcomm Technologies enables the company to deliver effective products and services that meet clients’ evolving requirements. As the first test house to complete initial C-V2X testing supporting both OmniAir and GCF test plans, SGS is well-positioned to serve an ecosystem of device makers with timely certification services.

OmniAir members, including Keysight, Qualcomm Technologies and SGS, will contribute to the verification of new C-V2X test cases at the upcoming OmniAir Global Plugfest, to be held across six test laboratories in Europe, Asia and North America, from September 28th to October 15th. Towards the end of 2020, OmniAir will incorporate over three hundred test cases into a new, independent third-party C-V2X test and certification program.

Keysight's conformance test platforms enable hardware and software providers to validate compliance of C-V2X devices to standards set by 3GPP. Keysight's connected car solutions support a wide range of technologies, including 5G, C-V2X, DSRC and GNSS, to improve reliability, cybersecurity and safety in an increasingly complex world.