TRM Microwave Develops an Innovative 10 Way Power Divider for the Aerospace Industry

TRM Microwave has developed an innovative 10-Way Power Divider for the Aerospace Industry. The new TRM 10-Way Power Divider divides and proportionally directs an energy signal, and absorbs excess energy without damage to the system. Generally, the absorption is a failsafe for the system. TRM designed this new power divider in a radial configuration, which is the ideal geometric shape to ensure the integrity of the symmetry is maintained. This approach enables a repeatable interface between the divider’s four sections, resulting in consistent alignment and a consistent electrical connection between all sections. 

The innovative design makes the product easier to build and adds reliability to the system. The 10-Way Power Divider is a high-power device that can handle up to 140 watts of CW power at UHF frequencies. Ten-way power dividers historically have tight amplitude and phase tracking requirements over bands of operation, which requires a symmetrical solution. TRM started with a Gysel configuration in which the circuit is fully symmetrical and then uses standard 50-ohm terminations to provide the isolation.

The aerospace industry’s previously-available 10-way power divider designs resulted in poor repeatability due to blind connections, which meant the aerospace and military industries have shied away from the existing technology for radar applications. The number of blind connections and the need to insert access hatches for making the connections created a pricey and unreliable solution. The new process and design improvements result in a cost-effective and reliable 10-way Power Divider. 

2020 remains a banner year for TRM Microwave, as the company celebrates 50 years in business with an expanded facility opening in October. They also received the Silver–level honoree award at the 2020 Military & Aerospace Electronics Innovators Awards for this product.

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