28 GHz mm-Wave Small Cell for Enterprise Applications Receives FCC Certification

The Sercomm 5G Enterprise mm-Wave Small Cell (Model name SCE5151C-B261) has now officially obtained Federal Communications Commission's Part 30 certification. Powered by the Qualcomm 5G RAN platform for a complete Modem-RF system-level solution from baseband to antennas, Sercomm's mmWave small cell enhances in-building 5G coverage and adds data capacity to meet high traffic demand in dense urban environments.

Based on 28 GHz mmWave 5G technology, small cells can reach gigabit level throughput with 4CC (Component Carrier), each containing a maximum of 100 MHz bandwidth, delivering optimal data transmission performance for better spectrum utilization. This small cell provides swift and convenient installation with a Plug and Play (PnP) process. This offers network operators significant cost-saving for 5G infrastructure construction by reusing their current 4G facilities to provide higher speed while enabling a smooth and flexible transition into future stand-alone 5G network.

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