Amphenol RF Offering Tamper Resistant Connectors to Keep Sensitive Electronics Safe

Electronic systems installed in public places require special protection to ensure that no data is lost or stolen, and RF connectors are an integral part of this ecosystem. Amphenol RF is now offering tamper resistant connectors to keep sensitive electronics safe. Tamper resistant connectors are designed with the security of system in mind. These front mount, rear fastening bulkhead connectors offer the ideal solution for publicly accessible applications such as kiosks where sensitive electronics inside an enclosure could be damaged if accessed through everyday use or even by vandals.

Front mount bulkhead mounting connectors are typically terminated to a cable, then fed through the front of the panel or enclosure where it will be mounted. A hexagonal shaped jam nut is used to secure the connector in place. Since the jam nut is on the inside of the enclosure, the bulkhead mount connector cannot be easily removed without access.

For outdoor applications exposed to the elements, IP67-rated waterproof front mount bulkhead connectors are available with enhanced sealing capabilities and custom IP68 solutions are also available.

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