Murata Confirms Resonant XBAR RF Filters for 5G Meet Target Performance Specs

Resonant Inc., a company transforming the way RF, front-ends are being designed and delivered for mobile handsets and wireless devices have achieved the second and most critical milestone under an agreement for the development of 5G mobile XBAR filters with Murata. This milestone allows Resonant to move to the next phase of the Agreement, which focuses on building a commercial platform & high-volume manufacturing of XBAR-based RF filters for 5G.

Resonant’s achievement of the second milestone, a prerequisite that enables commercialization, required Resonant’s XBAR RF filters to achieve previously determined target performance, packaging and initial reliability. With the second milestone achieved, Resonant will now begin working on the balance of the mobile 5G XBAR RF filter designs under the final two phases of the initial agreement. 

George B. Holmes. Chairman and CEO of Resonant said delivering against this second milestone provides second payment of strategic alliance on pre-paid royalty payments, but more importantly, their first 5G XBAR designs have met the necessary metrics to continue towards mass production with the world’s leading RF filter manufacturer. He also said that although there are additional milestones required prior to commercial production of these designs, their partner’s commitment, time and resources have increased significantly to ensure the success of their XBAR technology reaching the market with dominant scale.