Qorvo Ultra-Wideband Technology is Helping the World Get Back to Work

Qorvo has announced that more than a dozen device manufacturers are using their Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology in proximity awareness applications. They are using this technology is being used for precise real-time location and distance sensing for social distancing and contact tracing applications. UWB Technology, developed for real-time, highly reliable location sensing, is uniquely capable of measuring the distance to an accuracy of a few centimeters, both indoors and outdoors.

Industries including healthcare, logistics, electronics, construction, and education are exploring proximity awareness applications to help employees safely return to the workplace. These applications use wearable UWB devices to continuously monitor the distance between employees and track guidelines for social distancing and contact tracing in some cases. Leading device manufacturers in North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region are utilizing Qorvo’s UWB technology.

Rayson Zhao, CEO of Tsingoal, a leading Precise Ranging and Locating solution provider headquartered in Beijing, announced that based on customer’s feedback their LocalSense product, based on Qorvo’s UWB technology, offers much better precision than solutions based on other wireless standards.

Through Decawave, and now as Qorvo, the company has delivered more than 8 million UWB chipsets in over 40 different markets. Solutions suppliers are using Qorvo’s DWM1001C module, which combines a UWB transceiver with a microcontroller and Bluetooth technology. Other companies using Qorvo’s UWB technology for distance sensing and social distancing workplace applications include U.S.-based Redpoint and Ubudu in Europe.

Qorvo’s high-performance RF solutions simplify design, reduce product footprint, conserve power, improve system performance, and accelerate the adoption of carrier aggregation. Qorvo combines systems-level expertise, broad manufacturing scale, and the industry’s most comprehensive product and technology portfolio to help leading manufacturers accelerate delivery of next-generation LTE, LTE-A, 5G, and IoT products. 


  • Country: United States
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