TekBox Introduces Shielded Housings with Built-In Connectors for RF Circuits Up to 6 GHz

TekBox has introduced the TBRFH1 Series of RF shielded housings which are ideal for enclosing prototype RF building blocks up to 6 GHz. The housings consist of a 1-inch aluminium profile square cross-section tube with a choice of mechanically matching RF connectors on each end. A range of RF connector combinations and housing lengths are available, with optional feed-through capacitors. The housings come with RF absorbing pads to suppress coupling and cavity resonance. Solderable sheet metal ground pads, sandwiched between the connectors and the aluminium profile, simplify establishing a ground connection.

TBRFH1 housings are available in 35, 50, and 100 mm lengths, and RF connector choices include BNC male and female, N-type male and female, and SMA male and female. An RF PCB can either be inserted horizontally or diagonally, depending on the space requirement of the circuit.

Manufactured by Vietnam-based Tekbox Digital Solutions, the TBRFH1 Series of RF shielded housings are available from their authorized distributors. In North America, they are available from Saelig. Click here to order online in the US.