Times Microwave Introduces New 1/2” Plenum RF Cable for Distributed Antenna Systems

Times Microwave Systems has introduced a new 1/2" plenum RF cable to its product line. The LPA-500 LLPL air-dielectric corrugated plenum cable is a low-loss, plenum listed (type CMP) coaxial cable. It offers excellent intermodulation performance and can be used as feedlines within buildings to support distributed antenna systems (DAS); public safety communications systems; RF backbone interconnects within plenum airspaces; and additional applications.

The LPA-500 LLPL is an affordable option that provides the quality and performance for which Times is universally recognized. The new 1/2" plenum RF cable complements the company’s extensive portfolio that includes high-performance coaxial cables, connectors, cable assemblies, jumpers and other products for wireless installations.

As demand for always-on connectivity and the explosive growth of data continue to create a strain on wireless networks, DAS technology is increasingly being utilized to expand coverage and capacity. The solid outer conductor of the corrugated coaxial cable offers complete shielding with a continuous RFI/EMI shield that minimizes system interference. The solid inner and outer conductors eliminate PIM when used with Times Microwave connectors.

Dave Kiesling, Director of Commercial Sales at Times Microwave, said that they added the new LPA-500 LLPL ½-inch plenum cable in response to customer demands for a complete in-building portfolio. Thousands of companies worldwide have come to rely on their proven history of building quality products – in the air and on the ground – and they are pleased to have created a ‘one-stop-shop’ for those in the rapidly growing in-building/DAS market.

With global manufacturing capabilities across the U.S., Mexico, India, Europe and China, Times Microwave is committed to delivering the complete solutions that customers need quickly.

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