Knowles (DLI) Inroduces 5G Sample Kits for mm-Wave Radio Applications

Knowles (DLI) has developed 5G Sample Kits for mm-Wave radio applications. These passive device kits include 5G filters, directional couplers, 2-way and 4-way power dividers. Filters support n257, n258, n260 and n261 bands. Knowles ceramic substrate product lines utilize patented materials that exhibit excellent temperature stability and high K factor enabling small size, high performance, off-the-shelf solutions, with excellent repeatability. Ideal for high volume phased array antenna applications, the filters maximize guard band protection, thereby simplifying design.

These mmWave 5G Kits are stocked by RFMW and available in three frequency options - 26, 28 or 39 GHz applications. 

RFMW is a stocking distributor for Knowles (DLI).


  • Country: United States
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