Marki Microwave Introduces Low Phase Noise Amplifiers from 10 MHz to 22 GHz

Marki Microwave has introduced new low phase noise amplifiers that operate at frequencies as low as 10 MHz and provide an ideal gain stage to boost the low phase noise tone. The APM-7098 from 100 MHz to 22 GHz and APM-7099 from 10 MHz to 22 GHz feature a very low phase noise of -165 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz and operate on a convenient positive supply.

The low frequency capability and +26 dBm output power from the APM-7099 ensures compatibility and optimal performance from Marki NLTL generator products such as NLTL-6794SM, while both amplifiers are excellent LO drivers for their T3 and MT3 series high linearity mixers.

ProductFrequency Range (GHz)Gain (dB)Saturated Output Power (dBm)Phase Noise @ 10 kHz Offset (dBc/Hz)Current at 8V/7V (mA)

APM 7098
APM 7098SM
0.1 - 2215+23-16548
APM 7099
APM 7099SM
0.01 - 2014+25-16748

When operated in compression, the fast-rising edge of the output waveform of APM-7098/7099 increases the output efficiency of the Schottky diode based NLTL comb generators and improves IP3 and spurious performance of the proprietary T3 and MT3 mixers.

The APM-7098/7099 are available as wire-bondable bare dies or a connectorized modules, and the APM-7098SM/APM-7099SM are available in a 4x4mm QFN surface mount package. All APM amplifiers are designed with low residual phase noise which is a critical requirement for noise-sensitive applications such as radar receivers, frequency source design, or digital transmission using complex modulation schemes.