Airspan Achieves 3.57 Gbps Speeds in 5 GHz and 6 GHz (Wi-Fi 6E) Fixed Wireless Demo

In a preview of their upcoming Wi-Fi 6E based Point to Multipoint Fixed Wireless solutions, Airspan Networks has demonstrated a new broadband subscriber speed landmark of 3.57 Gbps using unlicensed 5 GHz and 6 GHz spectrum. Leveraging newly created 160 MHz channels in the recently expanded 5 GHz band and upcoming 6 GHz bands recently approved by the FCC, Airspan is well on its way to delivering multipoint access point IP capacities of up to 7 Gbps for outdoor broadband networks and 5G backhaul infrastructure. For rural areas, subscriber speeds of up to 1.75 Gbps can be achieved over a distance of several miles. The solution is based on new Wi-Fi 6E technology using 1024QAM, OFDMA, channel bonding, MU-MIMO and beamforming technologies.

This is a key milestone providing fibre-like speeds for WISP's and FWA networks to bring the internet to unconnected areas. This also eases the path for 5G Network densification together with the CBRS market, enabling the speeds required to support the O-RAN Fronthaul connecting the Radio Units and the Distributed Units (Edge).

With the announcement from the FCC of the creation of the Rural Development Opportunity Fund (RDOF), up to $20.4B USD will be directed to closing the rural digital divide with speeds up to a Gigabit from ISPs across the USA, highlighting the significance of Airspan's latest speed milestone to accomplish these deployments.

"This latest achievement by Airspan's Silicon Valley based Mimosa fixed wireless team clearly demonstrates the importance of our Wi-Fi 6E portfolio and 6 GHz spectrum for ISPs needing solutions that deliver Gigabit performance," said Eric Stonestrom, CEO of Airspan. "With this incredible performance and more impressive price point for a carrier grade design, 5G mobile operators needing massive backhaul capacity and gigabit broadband RDOF ISPs alike, will greatly benefit from Airspan's upcoming Wi-Fi 6E based solutions."