Bliley Introduces High Vibration and G-Compensated OCXO Oscillators with Low Phase Noise

Bliley Technologies has introduced G-Compensated OCXO Oscillators that are specifically designed to withstand high deviations in vibrations and g-force. Vibrations and G-force acceleration can heavily (and negatively) impact the frequency control devices in timing & communication applications. This often includes many applications within the aerospace, defense, military, and space industries. Bliley offers a variety of G-Compensated Oscillator solutions to fit a large variety of these applications and needs. They provide up to 100x acceleration sensitivity improvement over standard OCXO oscillators. Furthermore, all solutions can be customized. 

What’s the Impact of Vibrations and G-Force Acceleration on Frequency Control?

When force or acceleration is undergone by the quartz crystal within a frequency control unit, it leads to additional, unwanted vibration. These unwanted vibrations lead to increased frequency instability and phase noise within the crystal and, therefore, frequency output.

The magnitude of this phase noise or frequency change is directly proportional to the amount of force or acceleration applied. Higher the force means greater the frequency instability, which in turn means greater the phase noise.

Frequency instability due to a crystal’s acceleration sensitivity impacts many aspects of frequency control performance such as:

  • ADEV (Short Term Stability).
  • Phase Noise Performance.
  • RMS Phase Jitter.

Poseidon Series of OCXO Oscillators – Active Compensation and Passive Isolation

The Poseidon 2 is a low phase noise, g-sensitivity crystal oscillator that is specifically designed for high vibration environments where dynamic phase noise performance is paramount. The active compensation and passive isolation provide up to 100x improvement in acceleration sensitivity over standard oscillators. Poseidon 2 key features include:

  • 0.02 PPB/G acceleration sensitivity.
  • -130 dBc/Hz phase noise @ 10Hz.
  • ±0.25 PPM 20-year aging.
  • Ruggedized packaging.

Bliley also provides improved size, weight, and power (SWAP) versions of the Poseidon 2. These options also include the 100x improvement in acceleration sensitivity with active compensation and passive isolation.

  • Poseidon 1 – Heavy Duty Isolation.
  • Poseidon 2i– Commercial Grade.
  • Poseidon 3 – Low Power.
  • Poseidon 4 – Heavy Duty Isolation, Ultra Low-g, Integrated Phase Locked Loop (PLL).

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Trident Series OCXO Oscillator – Active Compensation Only

Trident Series OCXO offers all the greatness of Poseidon 2, but with the active compensation capabilities only. Trident key features include:

  • 0.050 PPB/G acceleration sensitivity.
  • -100 dBc/Hz dynamic phase noise @ 10 Hz (100 MHz nominal frequency).
  • < 300 Hz active compensation.

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Hydra Series OCXO Oscillator – Passive Isolation Only

Hydra Series OCXO offers a cost effective option to the superior performance of the Poseidon Series. Hydra utilizes passive isolation only to withstand deviations in vibration and g-force acceleration. Hydra key features include:

  • 0.050 PPB/G within passive isolation BW.
  • -130 dBc/Hz static phase noise within BW.
  • Ruggedized packaging.
  • Greater than 1K Hz passive isolation.
  • 35 Hz shear mode isolation.
  • 85 Hz axial mode isolation.

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