Southwest Microwave Introduces End Launch Connectors with Robust Performance and Low VSWR

Southwest Microwave has expanded its line of high-performance solutions with new standard block thread-in end launch connectors, offering robust performance and 1:2:1 VSWR to 110 GHz for board thicknesses up to 100 mils. The connector’s unique two-piece bottom clamp maintains the ground between the connector and the circuit board. Combining the bottom clamp with the solderless pin allows for ease of removal and greater reusability. The connector pin is designed with an interference fit to the circuit board trace, requiring no solder. The connectors feature four-pin and dielectric combinations to accommodate a wide variety of microwave substrates.

These new end launch options are available in all frequencies, join the interconnect global leader’s line of innovative solderless, clamp-on end launch connectors delivering low VSWR, low insertion loss, and model-free wideband response for single-layer and multi-layer microstrip and grounded coplanar circuit boards where a high-frequency signal is on the top layer.

Southwest Microwave’s full end launch product array includes male and female genders from SMA to 1.0 mm with extended length, bulkhead feed-through, and thicker board clamp options. Standard non-thread-in designs accommodate board thicknesses up to 300 mils. A narrow block option, accommodating board thicknesses to 90 mils, reduces footprint by up to 30 percent for applications with limited spacing.

To help ensure a well-matched transition, Southwest Microwave can provide simulated and optimized launch designs for a variety of different board materials and stack-ups. Encrypted HFSS models (version 18.0 or newer) for EM simulations as well as 3D step files for mechanical layout purposes are available upon request.

Southwest Microwave developed the first solderless, clamp-on end launch connector more than 20 years ago. Since then they have continued to evolve this product line to meet clients’ performance needs. The availability of the standard block thread-in end launch connectors continues this tradition, offering unrivaled electrical and mechanical performance.

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