Cost-Effectively Extend the Range of Existing RF Analyzers to mmWave 5G Frequencies

Leading RF solutions company, thinkRF, has published a webinar titled “Cost-Effectively Extend The Range of Your Existing RF Analyzer to mmWave 5G Frequencies”.

In the thinkRF webinar, customers can learn one of the most economical and cost-effective techniques to extend the performance of their existing RF equipment to mmWave 5G frequencies through the use of thinkRF’s downconverter and tuners. The presentation delves deeper into thinkRF’s wideband downconverter/tuner technology and the advantages over traditional solutions. In addition to their exceptional performance in frequency range and bandwidth, these products have several other differentiators that make them an ideal component for 5G signal monitoring.

Aerospace and defense agencies, spectrum regulators, mobile network operators, R&D organizations and silicone vendors have already made considerable investments in spectrum and signal analysis solutions for current cellular and Wi-Fi networks up to 6 GHz. As new and innovative technologies for wireless communications continue to emerge and push into higher frequency bands such as mmWave 5G, these companies are looking for smarter ways to extend the frequency range of their existing RF test equipment to 40 GHz without having to make another large capital investment of buying a whole new suite of analyzers.

The webinar discusses use cases for the D4000 RF downconverter/tuner in the area of over-the-air RF measurements, interference hunting and 5G research & development.

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