I-PEX Partners with SnapEDA to Provide 3D CAD Models for Connectors

I-PEX has partnered with SnapEDA to create and provide pre-built digital CAD models for printed circuit board (PCB) footprint drawings and symbols. These models are now available for free download, both on SnapEDA's website and from product pages (click on “Symbols & Footprints” in the "Downloads") on the I-PEX website.

Product design engineers have traditionally had to spend a lot of time creating digital models of individual components on their circuit boards. With this partnership, engineers can easily download these models for free, in a wide variety of formats, including Altium, Circuit Studio, Eagle, KiCad, OrCAD, PADS, P-CAD, PCB123, etc. These models will help to accelerate the design process for the PC board engineers, making the entire development process more efficient.

To ensure optimum quality, the CAD models were verified by the I-PEX and SnapEDA engineering teams and then processed using SnapEDA’s patented verification technology. This collaboration meets the highest standards in E-CAD models to cater to professional engineers. The CAD models include I-PEX-recommended soldermask and solderpaste dimensions, and customized layers in the footprints to ensure reliable manufacturing.


  • Country: United States
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