Radsys Chose NI’s Vehicle Radar Test System to Support the Chinese Automotive Industry

This August, the China Association for Automobile Manufacturers published the T/CAAMTB 15-2020 standard, a new standard for testing millimeter wave (mmWave) automotive radars. This standard establishes unified requirements for testing mmWave radars for Chinese radar manufacturers, intending to improve the safety of ADAS features that rely on this sensor, such as autonomous emergency braking. The Tsinghua University Suzhou Automobile Research Institute formed a multidisciplinary team that included Radsys, an NI Partner, to create the standard. Radsys led the effort to manage the team, write the standard, and get it thoroughly reviewed by the team members before its release to the Chinese automotive industry. The standard sets out the expectations of what to test, how, and what results are to be expected to safely release a radar module to the Chinese automotive market.

Before the standard was established, the test was ‘designed’ by collecting requirements from OEMs, R&D teams, component manufacturers, module design teams, and so forth to then create effective and repeatable test methods. The introduction of this standard establishes a more effective test method for automotive mmWave radars that helps promote and enable the rapid development of autonomous driving technology.

To put the standard in practice and help with its definition, Radsys chose NI’s Vehicle Radar Test System (VRTS) because it can perform all test functions, versus traditional solutions that need multiple systems, to meet the needs of different users at different stages of the test.

The creation of this standard demonstrates that partnerships between industry leaders are the best path to develop autonomous vehicles. At NI, they're proud that their software-connected solutions enabled Radsys to implement standards in China and see this as another proof point that NI is the right partner to Engineer Ambitiously. For several years, industry players such as the Tsinghua University Suzhou Automobile Research Institute, FAW, Asia-Pacific Mechanical and Electrical, Chengtai Technology, and Nova Electronics have used Radsys’ and NI’s products for radar testing. Because of Radsys’ level of familiarity with radar testing, the working group was confident in Radsys’ ability to lead the creation of the standard.

Radsys recognized the importance of tests in the development of intelligent connected vehicles. This standard is the result of innovation, a joint effort by the entire industry chain, and participants’ win-win mindset.

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