RF Spin Introduces 50/67 GHz Dual-Polarized Quad Ridged Horn Antennas

RF Spin has introduced two new dual-polarized Quad Ridged Horn Antennas. The company was founded in 2003 and it has become a prominent company in developing and selling antennas. The QRH50E is a popular broadband antenna that already helps hundreds of the world's leading players with the development, testing, and deployment of 5G networks. It operates from 5 to 50 GHz with dual (linear/circular) polarization. The QRH67E horn antenna operates from 6 to 67 GHz making it an ideal ultra-wideband solution for modern RF laboratories, development, and research of new wireless technologies. These two antennas, cover the full spectrum of frequencies and technologies, including UWB, 5G, EMC, and EMI applications.

Every antenna developed by RF Spin is carefully measured in its lab and assigned a unique serial number and QR code. Each antenna passes through the following steps:

  • Manufacturing - Our production center is using the best technology tools with machines like CITIZEN, MAS, HAAS, and MITSUBISHI.
  • Measurement - To save your time and ensure the top quality, every antenna is measured in new anechoic chamber with Anritsu VectorStar MS4647B.
  • Antenna completion - The antenna is visually checked, a unique QR code is added containing the calibration report. 
  • Packaging and shipping - Antenna, holder, and calibration report are safely packed (small antennas are shipped in luxury wooden box) and sent to you with the tracking number.


  • Country: Czech Republic
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