ETL Systems Introduces RF Distribution Products for LEO & MEO Satellite Systems

ETL Systems, a designer and manufacturer of RF components have specifically engineered RF distribution products for low earth orbit (LEO) and medium earth orbit (MEO) applications. The products developed include RF switch matrices, RF over fiber modules, BUCs & BDCs, and splitters & combiners

RF Switch Matrix Products:

  • ETL has a broad Switch Matrix / RF Router range providing RF signal distribution for satellite communications. The ETL Switch Matrix Router products are available as a distributive fan-out matrix for Receive Chains and as a combining fan-in matrix for Transmit Chains. ETL also has the Ensign fan-in fan-out L-band matrix.
  • The matrix switch range provides solutions to cover different frequency ranges such as L-band Matrix, IF Matrix,  more specialist Broadband Matrix for 50 to 1000 MHz UHF / VHF Matrix Switching.  SHF Matrix solutions are generally for switching up to 18 GHz and incorporate coaxial relays.

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RF over fiber:

  • ETL's StingRay RF over Fibre (RoF) inter-facility links (IFL) convert high-quality RF to optical signals over single-mode fiber from, for example, a satellite antenna to the reception equipment room, up to 10 km away, with options for distances up to 100's of km's. 
  • CWDM modules (coarse wavelength division multiplexing) provide up to 50km transmission compact fibre links, with eight wavelengths on a single fibre cable. DWDM modules (dense wavelength division multiplexing) provide up to 500km transmission fibre links and beyond using optical amplification (EDFA), with up to forty wavelengths on a single fibre cable.

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  • ETL's Falcon Frequency upconverter and downconverter range has been designed for optimum cost and RF performance. The space-saving 1U conversion chassis provides maximum reliability and resilience in service, with all major components user replaceable in the field.
  • It supports applications such as teleports and earth stations, satellite operators, government and defence, telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C).

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Splitters and Combiners:

  • The Model GNS-103-3U is a new generation modular chassis for the ground segment to meet today's and future ground segment V/HTS requirements. The chassis provides flexible signal management for teleport operators in a compact housing.
  • The 3U Genus RF distribution chassis accommodates up to 17 RF modules, which can be all or a mix of RF splitters, combiners, amplifiers, switches or RF Over Fibre.
  • The new generation modular chassis offers improved security protocols with SNMPv3 and HTTPS. Remote control and monitoring are provided via RJ45 Ethernet port with SNMP and web browser interface.
  • The chassis is 3U high x 500mm deep x 19" wide shelf and is available in the impedances.

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