Modelithics Updates the 3D Component Model Library for Ansys HFSS

Modelithics has announced the release of Version 20.8 of the COMPLETE+3D Library for use with Ansys HFSS. The library contains over 325 highly scalable Microwave Global Models™ for capacitor, inductor, and resistor families from many popular vendors, plus a collection of nearly 300 Modelithics’ 3D geometry models for inductors, capacitors, filters, packages and connectors. This library now represents a total of 22,000 individual components with circuit and/or 3D EM models.

Version 20.8 adds nine new part value, pad, and substrate scalable models and over eighty new full wave 3D electromagnetic models. New scalable circuit models include new models for AVX’s MP01, MP02, and MP03 capacitor series, Coilcraft’s 0805LS inductor series, Passive Plus’ R35-1209BB and R35-2010BB resistor series, and Vishay’s CH02016, CH0402, and CH0603 resistor series. Over 70 new 3D EM models are available for TDK’s MHQ1005P inductor series. Additionally, new 3D EM models are available for Passive Plus’ R35-1209BB and R35-2010BB resistor series as well as Piconics’ CC20T44K240G5-C conical inductor series. Through the Modelithics Vendor Partner (MVP) Program, free model use is being sponsored by AVX, Coilcraft, Passive Plus, Piconics, Vishay, and TDK. A dedicated vendor trial of one of these/MVPs or for a trial of the Modelithics COMPLETE+3D Library is now available. 

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