Teledyne Defense Electronics Launches Virtual Trade Show to Showcase its Flagship Products

This week, Teledyne Defense Electronics (TDE) has unveiled a new interactive online Virtual Trade Show (VTS) as a vehicle to promote key product lines and capabilities to customers in a permanent, ongoing manner. Once customers enter the Virtual Trade Show they begin an immersive online experience, the perception of being physically present in a non-physical world. That experience includes a 360º panorama view that surrounds the VTS user, enabling customers to “look” left, right, up, down, and move freely from one area on the VTS floor to another navigating by a laptop mouse.

This multi-media experience showcases the flagship offerings of TDE’s 15 business units, each of whom has their booth, and visitors can access product information, whitepapers and product collateral, videos, presentations, and more. The VTS convention hall also includes a “Cinema”, an open-space theater where customers can watch informative TDE videos and presentations.

VTS is an informative, innovative, and even entertaining platform to bring the virtual equivalent of a TDE trade show directly to customers. It is an evergreen platform that updates and refreshes on an ongoing basis so that visitors are consuming the latest, most relevant, and up-to-date information on our offerings.

The VTS is featured prominently on the home page of the website of Teledyne Defense Electronics where visitors can enter with one click. TDE will also be promoting the VTS directly to customers and prospects in the many markets it serves through online campaigns and promotions on an ongoing basis.

Click here to visit the Virtual Trade Show (VTS).