NuWaves Introduces Smart, Miniature SSPA for C-Band and 5 GHz ISM Band Applications

NuWaves Engineering, an international Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave solutions provider has introduced a new, smart, miniature, solid-state power amplifier. The NuPower C10R01 C-Band Solid State Power Amplifier is a smart, miniaturized module that delivers over 10 watts of RF power across the C-band and ISM-band frequency range of 5100 to 5900 MHz, featuring automatic gain with RF output power level adjustment.

Key features of NuPower C10R01:

  • The NuPower C10R01 is a small, highly efficient, solid-state power amplifier that provides 10 watts of RF power across the 5100 to 5900 MHz frequency range to boost the performance of data links and transmitters. 
  • The NuPower C10R01 accepts a nominal 0 dBm RF input and provides 40 dB of gain from 5100 to 5900 MHz for continuous wave (CW) and near-constant envelope waveforms.
  • The NuPower C10R01-AH supports an active high (inverted) logic.
  • Based on the latest gallium nitride (GaN) technology, the NuPower C10R01’s power efficiency and form factor make it ideal for size, weight, and power-constrained broadband RF telemetry, tactical communication systems, and electronic warfare systems. 
  • NuPower PA’s feature over-voltage protection and can operate over a wide temperature range of -40 to +85 C (baseplate). 

The graph below shows how the NuPower™ C10R01 improves radio performance by 8x compared to a radio alone, giving users a new range of possibility.

NuWaves Engineering is pleased to add this new power amplifier to its list of offered products. It will improve customers’ capabilities when using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) and Counter UAS. The NuWaves team takes pride in its ability to support clients with best-in-class RF solutions, rapidly fulfilling the ever-changing needs of the Warfighter.

The NuPower™ C10R01 Power Amplifier is available for order now. Click here to learn more about NuPower C10R01.