A Multi-Probe Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurement System for High Accuracy Applications

A Multi-Probe Spherical Near-Field Antenna Measurement System for High Accuracy Applications712370

Microwave Vision Group (MVG), a leading provider of EMC and antenna measurement solutions, has released a new multi-probe spherical near-field antenna measurement system for heavy DUTs and high accuracy applications. The SG Evo solution is an Evolution of MVG’s legacy SG systems, with the goal to help customers gain speed and accuracy in their antenna and connectivity testing processes. It is designed to measure large and heavy antennas such as 5G massive mimo BTS, satellite and ground terminal antennas. It provides fast and accurate antenna performance test results in record time. 

The SG Evo is a multi-probe system for spherical near-field measurement and OTA testing, particularly suited for large DUTs and high accuracy applications. It incorporates oversampling positioning within the arch, eliminating the need to tilt the device under test (DUT) when oversampling, and consequently avoiding gravitational deflections of the DUT and azimuth positioner, even when testing heavy DUTs. The SG Evo can be configured with multiple parallel receivers, to reduce measurement time especially when testing multiple frequencies or devices with many potential antenna beam states.

SG Evo has a modular design which allows for flexibility in its build: the size of the probe array arch and the positioner model can be decided in accordance with the typical size and weight of the DUT; and the sets of probes can be selected according to the frequencies to be measured – from 400 MHz to 30 GHz.

MVG multi-probe systems are ideal to test and validate antennas in any stage of development, from R&D through full system integration and production.

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