TrellisWare Demonstrates Operation of Over 800 Radios in a Single 3.6 MHz RF Channel

TrellisWare Technologies has announced the successful completion of a major demonstration for the US military in which more than 800 radios were networked together in a single radio frequency (RF) channel.

TrellisWare’s milestone event showcased advanced communications capabilities, including massive scalability of 811 radios on a single 3.6 MHz channel, forming a fully operational network that included rapid position location information (PLI) refresh for every radio, voice, and Command and Control (C2) data. Several TrellisWare radios were used for the fully interoperable network demonstration, including the new body-worn TW-860 TSM Spirit™ radio, the handheld TW-950 TSM Shadow® radio, the vehicular/manpack TW-135 TSM Shadow® High Power radio (HPR), and small form factor TW-875 TSM Ghost™ radio; as well as other Program Of Record (PoR) radios.

Also demonstrated were major new advancements to the TrellisWare® TSM™ Mobile Ad-hoc Networking (MANET) waveform, including a very low latency mode, as well as their new High Data Rate (HDR) mode, with 1080p 60fps High Definition (HD) real-time video live-streamed with low latency around the TrellisWare campus, including throughout the multi-story building.

“TrellisWare set a new standard for scalability and spectrum efficiency for mobile ad-hoc networking,” said Haidong Wang, vice president of product management and strategic partnerships. “These advancements demonstrate the TSM waveform’s ability to field a radio to every soldier in an entire battalion. We are continuing to raise the standards of resilient communications in the industry while responding to our customers’ increased network modernization expectations.”

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