CommAgility Establishes 5G End-to-End Connection Accelerating 5G RAN Development

The Wireless Telecom Group announced that CommAgility has achieved the technological milestone of establishing 5G high data rate end-to-end connections with its latest software and reference design products for 5G base stations. The company’s expanding portfolio of robust, flexible 5G New Radio (NR) products help developers cut the time, complexity, and cost of creating 5G solutions for specialized applications and private networks.

Edward Young, Vice President and General Manager at CommAgility said that by achieving full end-to-end data transfer over a wireless link between their 5G gNodeB and third-party user equipment (UE), they have demonstrated that their software is compliant and compatible with 3GPP standards for 5G NR, Release 15. This provides their customers with full confidence to develop their 5G Radio Area Network (RAN) systems based on their industry-leading hardware, software, and integrated systems.

CommAgility also announced the availability of its SmallCellPHY-5G software, running on Layerscape Access processors from NXP Semiconductors. Combined with the company’s SmallCellSTACK-5G, SmallCellCORE-5G, and PHYRefChain-5G software already running on NXP’s family of Layerscape processors, a comprehensive portfolio of 5G NR software is now available to run on NXP optimized Systems on Chip (SoCs).

Noy Kucuk, Vice President of Network Edge at NXP feels that as a member of NXP's growing 5G ecosystem, CommAgility has proven its ability to develop innovative 5G NR solutions based on their market-leading communications processors. Their Layerscape Access family of programmable baseband products, combined with CommAgility's software will deliver the performance and flexibility required by carriers to quickly, and cost-effectively enable rapid 5G deployments around the world.

To save time and reduce the risk for 5G developers, CommAgility has complemented its software with its new 5G Reference gNodeB, which provides a pre-integrated and tested system, including both hardware and software. The hardware is based on an NXP evaluation board which includes both an NXP LA1200 Layerscape Access fully programmable baseband SoC, as well as an NXP LX2160A, the highest-performance member of the Layerscape multicore communications processor family. A Band n78 RF front-end module from CommAgility, with two integrated RF transceiver channels, adds RF development support.

The 5G Reference gNodeB is expected to ship to early customers in Q4 2020, and CommAgility will add systems based on its own board designs in 2021. SmallCellPHY-5G, SmallCellSTACK-5G, SmallCellCORE-5G, and PHYRefChain-5G are available.