Abracon Acquires Frequency Control Solutions Provider, Fox Electronics

Leading developer of RF passive components and solutions, Abracon LLC, has announced the acquisition of Fox Electronics, a privately held frequency control supplier based out of Fort Myers, Florida, USA.

Mike Calabria, President and Chief Executive Officer stated, "We are very excited about the addition of Fox Electronics to Abracon's industry leading offering of Frequency and Timing products. Fox Electronics is a well-recognized brand that customers have become familiar with over the past 40 years. Its leading-edge knowledge and product insight are excellent additions to Abracon. Abracon continues to execute on its acquisition strategy to expand its portfolio of brands with Fox being added to the Abracon brands of ILSI, Ecliptek, MMD and Oscilent. With the acquisition of Fox Electronics, Abracon will be able to further expand its Timing and Frequency portfolio. By integrating Fox Electronics' range of products into Abracon's existing portfolio, Abracon will strengthen its ability to provide the latest technical design support and global supply chain flexibility to solve customers' unique challenges of today."

Gene Trefethen, President of Fox Electronics stated, "The Fox Team looks forward to combining our history of product development with the Abracon market position and extensive sales resources. We are proud of Fox Electronics' 41-year history. Since the early 1990"s Fox has focused on US innovation for the Frequency Control Market - being first with the series of quick turn crystal oscillators, continuing to provide performance enhancements with careful design iterations, followed by our recent development of Vibration Resistant Crystals (C3VR and the automotive version C3VA) focused toward telecom, automotive and military markets."

Going forward, Abracon will actively support the integration of all Fox Electronics product lines as well as the superior customer service and quick delivery times customers have come to know with Fox Electronics.

About Fox Electronics

Headquartered in Fort Myers, Florida, Fox Electronics has long exceled in product innovation. They have also delivered personal, knowledgeable customer service that answers complex technical questions and provides efficient and customized solutions to all design needs. The privately-owned company has proudly fulfilled technological demands for multiple industries, including automotive, IoT, communications, networking, medical, and military among many others, offering everything from standard off-the-shelf to custom manufactured products.