NovAtel Introduces Marine-Certified GNSS Receiver for Nearshore Applications

NovAtel, part of Hexagon has introduced a marine-certified GNSS receiver specially designed for nearshore applications. The MarinePak7 is a multi-constellation, multi-frequency receiver that has been specifically engineered to receive Oceanix Correction Service from NovAtel, providing horizontal accuracy up to three centimeters (95%) in a marine environment.

With SPAN GNSS+INS technology capabilities, the MarinePak7 deeply couples GNSS and inertial measurement units (IMUs) for a 3D understanding of positions. Delivering exceptional positioning, heading, altitude, velocity, and heave measurements, the MarinePak7 is optimized to succeed in the demanding marine environment for nearshore applications. An intuitive user interface reduces training and setup time, making it an ideal solution for use in demanding marine applications, including dredging, hydrographic survey, marine construction, and nearshore renewable energy operations.

The MarinePak7 is NovAtel’s first receiver designed specifically for a marine environment. It provides accurate and reliable positioning for nearshore marine operations using industry-leading GNSS technology and Oceanix Correction Service. This receiver was developed by a team of experienced marine engineers and incorporated feedback from existing NovAtel users to deliver a high-quality, all-in-one positioning solution for the nearshore marine market.

Several optional features are available with the MarinePak7, including GNSS heading, interference mitigation, and a UHF radio used to receive RTK corrections.

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