Delta Electronics Introduces Color-Coded Coaxial Adaptors from DC to 110 GHz

Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corp. has added color-coded coaxial adapters to its line of coaxial interconnects. The new adapters are designed to work with coaxial connectors operating across frequency ranges from DC to 110 GHz. The adapters mate different combinations of male (plugs) and female (jacks) coaxial connectors at microwave through millimeter-wave frequencies for measurement setups that require regular interconnections between a device under test (DUT) and the test equipment. The adapters are color-coded according to an easy-to-follow color scheme developed by the IEEE, making it easier to fit the right connectors and adapter without accidentally mismating and damaging the interconnects, even when constant plugging and playing of DUTs to test gear during repetitive measurements. The colors make it easier to make high-frequency interconnections safely and quickly, speeding high-volume measurement workflows. Color-coded coaxial adapters were first introduced by Maury Microwave a few years ago.

The new color-coded adapters from Delta fit different combinations of 2.92-mm connectors (DC to 40 GHz), 2.40-mm connectors (DC to 50 GHz), 1.85-mm connectors (DC to 65 GHz), and 1.00-mm connector interfaces (DC to 110 GHz). They are available as within-series adapters (mating the same type of connectors) and between-series adapters (mating different types of connector interfaces). The new adapters include options for connecting a 2.92-mm plug to a 1.85-mm plug, a 2.92-mm plug to a 2.92-mm plug, a 2.4-mm plug to 2.4-mm plug, a 1.85-mm plug to 1.0-mm jack, and a 1.85-mm jack to 1.85-mm jack. Each color identifies the mating connector type on each side of the adapter as well as the maximum operating frequency for that side of the adapter. Each color identifies a specific connector interface, such as yellow for 2.92-mm connector interfaces, green for 2.4-mm connector interfaces, blue for 1.85-mm connector interfaces, and white for 1.0-mm connector interfaces.

The adapters are machined from corrosion-resistant steel for long operating lifetimes. Both between-series and within-series color-coded adapters are available from Delta’s distributors in 1.0-mm, 1.85-mm, and 2.92-mm sizes and meeting IEC requirements IEC 61169-31, IEC 61169-32, and IEC 61169-35, respectively. Delta’s distributors also offer extensive lines of functionally equivalent, non-color-coded coaxial connector adapters for applications from DC through 67 GHz.

The adapters are available from Delta Electronics’ franchised technical electronic distributors, many of which offer same-day shipping, including A. E. Petsche, March Electronics,  RFMW, and TTI. These distributors, which are known for outstanding service, support military, commercial, and industrial markets.

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