Cynergy US Selects Anritsu's Radio Test Platform to Offer 5G Testing to Customers

Anritsu announced that Cynergy U.S., one of the industry’s leading reverse logistics companies specializing in wireless device test, repair, and refurbishment, has chosen the Anritsu Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A 5G platform and Radio Communications Analyzer MT8821C 4G/LTE platform to offer turnkey 5G device testing to customers. The wireless reverse logistics industry requires a solution with a minimum footprint, fast test execution times, and the ability to tackle multiple RATs (Radio Access Technologies) on the same platform.

Cynergy selected the Anritsu test platforms as they met their requirements. Anritsu utilized established testing methods and test tools to guarantee a seamless transition from 4G to 5G, as well as provided repeatable results with stable and dependent hardware/software platforms.

The MT8000A meets all the diverse testing requirements of 5G in a single solution that supports Frequency Range 1 (FR1) 6 GHz and Frequency Range 2 (FR2) millimeter wave (mmWave) bands. One of the first commercialized 5G test platforms, the MT8000A has played a significant role in 5G chipset development, 5G device R&D, 5G conformance test, and 5G Carrier Acceptance.

The Anritsu MT8821C wideband radio communication analyzer provides cellular (3G/4G) testing. Its unique Parallel Phone Measurement (PPM) allows one instrument to support two MT8000As, which lowers cost-of-test and reduces bench space. When integrated, the MT8000A and MT8821C test platforms provide complete coverage of all major commercial cellular technologies.

Cynergy U.S. is leveraging these capabilities to support the latest 5G RF test requirements combined with existing test plans. An electronics service provider, Cynergy specializes in the provision of warranty services, remanufacturing, and repair of electronic devices across a broad spectrum of manufacturers and their product retailers.

Donald Bergeron, COO at Cynergy said, “Cynergy is excited to be one of the first in the Reverse Logistics Supply Chain to implement Anritsu’s next-generation 5G test technology. We are pleased to partner with Anritsu, continuing many years of collaboration with their technical team. The transition from 4G test technology to 5G technology was not a trivial task. Fortunately, the transition to the 5G technology was straightforward as a result of Anritsu’s equipment and strong engineering support. This is a major milestone for Cynergy’s technology capabilities and for the support of our customer base moving forward.”

Anritsu Company General Manager and Vice President Robert E. Johnson said, “Expanding our relationship with Cynergy was a natural extension based upon previous and on-going success. We have a shared commitment to providing the finest service, support, and technology to companies as they implement 5G. Customers can continue to rely on Anritsu and Cynergy to provide market-leading solutions that meet their current and future test requirements.”

Click here to read more about the MT8000A 5G platform and MT8821C 4G/LTE platform. 


  • Country: United States
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