Near-Field Microwave Device Uses X-Band Frequencies to Destroy Murine Coronavirus

TiaLinx, Inc., a developer of highly integrated wireless systems, has developed a near-field, multi-spectra microwave transmitter device to destroy Murine coronavirus (M-CoV) at certain frequency ranges of the X-band. The device called the Viper20-V, operates within the safety requirements of the FCC. Murine coronavirus is a species of coronavirus which infects mice.

The feasibility study was addressed by the formation of an ad hoc group of volunteer scientists and engineers to evaluate the impact of radio waves that are harmless to humans for destroying viruses. Medical experts from various departments of the University of California, Irvine ("UCI") participated in this feasibility study. Professor Donald Forthal and Dr. Johannes Gach (Center for Virus Research, School of Medicine) led the preparation of assays and plaque counts. The microwave team was led by TiaLinx's Dr. Fred Mohamadi (CEO) and Mr. Ryan Jahromi, (Principal Engineer), as well as the valuable participation of Dr. Steve Stone (Physicist) and Mr. Anthony Long (RF Engineer) as advisors.

The esteemed advisory medical team was composed of Dr. Matthew Brenner, MD (Specialist in Pulmonary Disease, UCI), Professor Zhongping Chen (Biomedical Engineering, UCI), Dr. Brian Wong, MD (Otolaryngologist, UCI) and Professor Tuan Vo-Dinh (Biomedical Engineering) of Duke University. The effort stemmed from prior studies and the active participation of Professor C K Sun and his team at the National Taiwan University who demonstrated that the H3N2 virus could resonate in a confined-acoustic dipolar mode with microwaves.

"This successful feasibility study, enables further investigations to effectively benefit from the ordinarily used frequency ranges of wireless communication devices to eradicate many strands of viruses. The productization of such devices can sustain a fully disinfected environment, specifically for contact intensive industries that suffer from pandemics," stated Dr. Fred Mohamadi.

TiaLinx, Inc. is a privately held company with 100% American ownership. The company develops advanced high performance electronic micro modules with highly integrated functionality for a wide range of mobile wireless connectivity for consumer, transportation, industrial and medical applications. Utilizing dozens of its granted and many more pending patent applications, the company is uniquely positioned to provide small footprint, portable, and low-cost wireless modules.