Top 10 Amplifier System Products in 2020

RF Amplifiers Systems and High Power Amplifiers are a critical part of the RF & Microwave Industry. They are used in a wide range of Industries that include Test & Measurement, Military, Commercial and Wireless Infrastructure. This year everything RF worked to better classify these products based on their applications and industry. So other than parameters like frequency, power and gain users can also narrow down on the products based on their application or industry. We have compiled a list of the most viewed RF Amplifier systems on the website.

100S1G6AB :100 W Solid-State Amplifier from 1 to 6 GHz

The 100S1G6AB from AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation is a solid-state broadband amplifier that operates from 1 to 6 GHz. It provides more than 100 W of CW output power with a gain of 50 dB (1.5 dB gain flatness). The amplifier has an IP3 of 56 dBm and a VSWR of 2:1. It has IEEE-488, RS-232, USB 2.0 and Ethernet ports for remote interfacing. It is available in a benchtop cabinet that measures 503 x 546 x 203 mm with Type-N Female connectors and can also be rack mounted easily. The amplifier is suitable for applications such as test instrumentation, EMC Testing and communication technologies such as CDMA, W-CDMA, TDMA and GSM. Click here for more details.

2176: 1.75 to 2.12 GHz GaN SSPA System for Satcom Application

The 2176 from Empower RF is a Solid State High Power Amplifier that operates from 1750 to 2120 MHz. It provides up to 4000 Watts of CW Power and 2000 Watts of RMS power with a gain of over 60 dB. This GaN-on-SiC CW amplifier comes equipped with an internal directional coupler, external forward and reverse sample ports, and an easy to use web GUI. Its broader band brings flexibility to transmit in either of the two Satellite uplink channels. Graceful Output Power Degradation, backing down power to a safe operating level in the event of component failure or excessive Load VSWR condition. This amplifier is available in a 15 U chassis and is ideal for Satcom uplink applications. Click here for more details on the 2176.

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AMP2030A: 300 W GaN Solid-State Power Amplifier from 0.7 to 6 GHz

The AMP2030A from Exodus Advanced Communications is a Solid-State Power Amplifier that operates from 0.7 to 6 GHz. It delivers 300 W of saturated output power with a gain of more than 53 dB and has a P1dB of 200 W. The amplifier has 2-tone intermodulation (IMD) of -30 dBc, spurious of -60 dBc, and harmonics of -20 dBc. It consumes up to 2500 W of power and can handle up to 5 dBm of input power. The amplifier has input power protection which protects it for up to 10 seconds from any damage. It has optional Ethernet RJ-45 TCP/IP, RS422/485, and GPIB Interfaces along with remote a Bluetooth application for digital monitoring and control. Click here to read more details on the AMP2030A.

4131: 50 W High Power Amplifier from 6 to 12 GHz

The 4131 from OPHIR RF is a solid-state broadband high power amplifier that operates at a frequency from 6 to 12 GHz. It provides more than 50 watts of saturated output power, a P1dB of over 20 watts, and a gain of over 48 dB. This amplifier requires 100 to 240 volts of AC power supply and has an input VSWR of less than 2:1. It is available in a module that measures 19 x 5.25 x 21 inches with Type-N connectors. Click here to read more details on the 4131.

APRA-S10000A : 10 kW S-Band GaN based Solid State Pulse Amplifier

The Advantech Wireless Model APRA-S10000A is a GaN based S-Band solid-state pulse amplifier that operates from 2.7 to; 2.9 GHz. The amplifier provides a peak power of up to 10,000 Watts. This GaN based SSPA for Radars exhibit very high spectral purity, linearity, and low phase noise. The Radar pulse processing allows for very high pulse fidelity and sharpness, which translates in longer ranges, and higher detection capabilities. Click here to read more details on the APRA-S10000A.

XTD-250QV: 250 W TWT Power Amplifier for V-Band Applications

The XTD-250QV from Comtech Xicom Technology is a V-Band Antenna Mount High Power TWT Amplifier that operates from 47.2 to 51.4 GHz. The amplifier provides up to 250 Watts of peak power with a gain of over 60 dB. A pre-distortion linearizer is also included to optimize linear power at the HPA (high-power amplifier) flange. The amplifier is ideal for high throughput satellite (HTS) gateway applications.  It is available in multiple configurations with redundancy and preamplifiers with fixed or variable gain. An external remote controller is available to operate the HPA from a user-selected location. Click here to read more details on the XTD-250QV.

SAM100 : 20 W Microwave Amplifier System from 2 GHz to 20 GHz

The SAM100 from Rohde Schwarz is an Ultra-wideband Microwave Amplifier System that operates from 2 GHz to 20 GHz.  It delivers 20 W of output power with a high gain of 47 dB and has a noise figure of less than 8.0 dB. The amplifier can be manually or remotely operated via a digital control interface. The digital control interface makes it suitable for integration in automatic test systems. The amplifier can compensate for line losses, increases the dynamic range, and can be used as a driver for characterization and testing of power components such as transistors, filters, and frequency splitters. Click here to read more details on the SAM100.

VZC3530P2 : 8 kW TWT Pulsed Amplifier from 4 to 8 GHz

The VZC3530P2 from CPI is a TWT Pulsed Amplifier that operates from 4 to 8 GHz. It delivers an output power of 8000 W with a gain of over 66 dB. The unit has a pulse width of 0.1 to 100 µs and a duty cycle of up to 6%. It features a wideband, automatic fault re-cycle, user-friendly microprocessor-controlled logic with integrated computer interface, digital metering, and quiet operation suitable for laboratory environments. An integral solid-state preamplifier and IEEE interface are included as standard features. This modular assembly allows for either lower-powered multiple test applications or a single amplifier phase combined system of two VZC-3530J1 amplifiers. Click here to read more details on the VZC3530P2.

GT186 Series : 200/300/500 W TWT Amplifiers from 6 to 18 GHz

The GT186 Series from Ametek CTS is a TWT Amplifier Series consisting of 3 amplifiers that operate from 6 to 18 GHz. They provide 200/300/500 W of output power with a gain of more than 53 dB and have a standard duty cycle of 6%. The amplifiers can handle up to 10 dBm of input power, have a pulse width range from 100 ns to CW, a rise/fall time of less than 45 ns, and spurious levels of -50 dBc. The TWTA series supports AM, FM, and Pulsed modulation formats. They are available in 19 inches, 6U Case, 680 mm deep rugged modular design and are ideal for multiple high frequencies, high power applications including but not limited to RF immunity testing. Click here to read about the GT186 Series.

Note: This list has been compiled based on actual analytics data from everything RF. It consists of the products that were most viewed by users on everything RF in a specific category in 2020 (not in any specific order). We have limited the number of products shown for each company to 1, even if there were multiple products from a single company. 

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