Resonant’s XBAR RF Filter Technology Has Over 150 Patents

Resonant Inc. a provider of radio frequency (RF) filter intellectual property (IP) connecting People and Things, announced that its patent portfolio has grown 50% year-over-year, now comprising of over 300 issued and pending U.S. and foreign patents – of which over 150 are related to Resonant’s groundbreaking 5G XBAR technology. Resonant’s intellectual property portfolio is also actively supplemented with a comprehensive trade secret program designed to formally maintain the secrecy of Resonant’s proprietary technologies.

George B. Holmes, Chairman and CEO of Resonant feels 2020 was a landmark year for intellectual property development at Resonant as they continued to build a significant protective moat around their technology – the strength of which has been validated through their strategic partnership with the world’s largest RF filter manufacturer. To that end, half of their portfolio and the bulk of 2020’s patent growth relates to their key XBAR RF filter technology, which is optimized for the wide bandwidths, high frequencies and low loss required for 5G and high-frequency Wi-Fi bands. He also mentioned that their success in patenting their groundbreaking XBAR technology positions them to seize an immense emerging market opportunity in 5G RF filters, which they expect will revolutionize and launch countless industries ranging from remote surgery to autonomous vehicles. They look forward to continuing to build out their already strong IP portfolio and further protect it with new patent applications and their active trade secret program.