New Contactor and Probe Head Platform Targets 5G RF Semiconductor Testing

Cohu, Inc., a global back-end semiconductor equipment and services provider, announced the introduction of its cRacer RF interface platform for next-generation mmWave device testing. The cRacer contactor and probe head platform targets RF semiconductor test in the mobility contactor market, which is projected to grow from $200 million to approximately $275 million by 2023 with the deployment of mmWave frequencies in smartphones and other mobile products. Cohu’s cRacer allows traditional spring probe contactors to reach greater than 54 GHz frequencies without compromising mechanical integrity or lifespan of the probes. When combined with Cohu’s PAx tester and RedDragon RF module, cRacer enables customers to achieve industry-leading signal performance, accelerating time to production yield with a low cost-of-test architecture.

Devin Sheridan, director and general manager of Cohu’s Interface Solutions Group said that Cohu’s cRacer interface technology combines specialized materials with conventional probes to optimize signal fidelity for mmWave applications without significantly increasing cost-of-test. They have received initial multi-unit orders from a leading foundry in Taiwan and an OSAT for production test of mmWave RF devices used on next-generation smartphones.

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