Empower RF Introduces Tactical Up-Armored Solid State GaN on SiC Amplifier

Empower RF Systems has introduced a Tactical Up-Armored Solid State GaN On SiC amplifier that delivers 150 Watts of CW power from 1 to 2 GHz. The Model 2224 is a compact SSPA that includes a fast Tx/Rx switch and is designed for rugged outdoor and tactical deployment of data comlinks. The all-weather heavy-duty NEMA 4 enclosure houses a complete amplifier system using our Next Generation architecture so all the local and remote control, monitoring, protection and user remote GUI are identical to our COTS rack systems.

The Model 2224 comes complete with an internal directional coupler, internal forward and reverse power sampling and an easy-to-use remote web GUI. In-depth health monitoring can be viewed remotely and pushed out via the Ethernet port.  Output modes include open-loop mode, closed-loop fixed gain mode, and closed-loop constant power mode. These modes provide the flexibility needed when integrating into legacy systems.

Key Features:

  • Rugged for Mobile Deployment
  • Remote Monitoring and Control via Ethernet  
  • Waveform Flexibility
  • Frequency Hopping and Multi-tone Capable 

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