Sequans Launches Cellular IoT Development Kit with Virtual Embedded Antenna

Sequans Communications launched the NEKTAR-B Evaluation Kit during the virtual CES event last week. NEKTAR-B is a prototyping platform to enable worldwide IoT cellular connectivity.

The new NEKTAR-B covers all the cellular IoT worldwide bands by embedding the TRIO mXTEND antenna from Fractus Antennas and the Monarch 2 GM02S LTE Cat M1/NB1/NB2 module. Using a single embedded antenna component this platform enables worldwide connectivity from 617 MHz up to 2200 MHz.

Sequans and Fractus Antennas working together to make IoT design simpler by giving the customer a ready to use prototype that can become the final product without needing to change the antenna component. The wireless designer only needs to adjust a matching network that shapes the frequency response of any wireless platform; therefore, the antenna component remains the same regardless of the size or form factor.

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