Fibocom Introduces New Sub-6 GHz 5G Module Based on Mediatek's Chipset

At the virtual CES 2021 event, Fibocom released the FG360 - its latest 5G LGA module. The module supports 5G Sub-6 GHz 2CC Carrier Aggregation 200 MHz frequency and 5G + WiFi-6 connectivity to provide a high-speed and low-latency 5G network experience. Engineering samples of FG360 will be available in January 2021 and volume production of the product is expected in Q3 2021. Fibocom will be the first in the industry to provide engineering samples of 5G modules based on the MediaTek chipset platform and will be available in two versions. FG360-EAU will be launched for EMEA/APAC markets, and FG360-NA will be launched for the North American market.

FG360 is a 5G module with high integration, a high data rate and great cost performance. It is based on MediaTek’s T750 chipset platform which adopts a 7 nm compact design with a 5G NR FR1 modem, a quad-core Arm Cortex-A55 processor and rich essential peripherals all integrated on a single chipset. Through a high degree of integration, the FG360 module enables customers to design their products with the best performance and the most optimal cost.

FG360 supports 5G Sub-6 GHz 2CC Carrier Aggregation 200 MHz frequency to improve the utilization of spectrum resources and ensure extended 5G coverage. FG360 can support SA peak rate downlink up to 4.67 Gbps and uplink up to 1.25 Gbps, enhancing the 5G wireless experience of customers. FG360 can also support multiple WiFi connections such as 5G 4 × 4,2.4G 4 × 4, and 5G 2 × 2 + 2.4G 2 × 2 dual-band Wi-Fi 6, allowing smart end devices to enjoy the full benefits of high-speed 5G + WIFI 6 connectivity.

FG360 supports fast transmission speeds, better carrying capacity, and lower network latency. It supports both 5G SA and NSA network architectures and compatible with 5G NR, LTE and WCDMA standards, eliminating customers' investment concerns at the initial stage of 5G construction and responding to the commercial demand for rapid landing. FG360 comes with a rich set of interfaces including USB3.1, PCIe3.0, SPI, SDIO, GPIO, UART, etc, and two 2.5 Gbps SGMII interfaces to allow for a variety of LAN configurations.

The highly integrated 5G module FG360 aims to empower the next generation of 5G connectivity. It offers a perfect solution for operators to achieve wide service coverage in a short time frame and offer fiber-like fixed wireless access (FWA) services through 5G CPE, gateways and routers. Empowered by the FG360 module, 5G FWA services will be able to bring a more affordable broadband alternative to areas with limited DSL, cable or fiber services and help consumers and businesses in less developed areas to access the high-speed wireless networks.