Rohde & Schwarz to Offer the First PTCRB Validated IMS Conformance Test Cases for 5G NR

Rohde & Schwarz announced that they will offer the first validated IMS conformance test cases for 5G NR that can be used for certification testing according to PTCRB. This paves the way for 5G IMS conformance testing. PTCRB is a certification program established in 1997 by leading wireless operators to define test specifications and processes to ensure device interoperability on global wireless networks.

R&S accomplished the industry’s first validations of IMS test cases in 2008 and has maintained its leading position in LTE conformance and operator acceptance testing, as well as in 5G IMS testing for operators.

To ensure interoperability in different mobile networks, cellular devices need to be certified by test labs which are accredited by either GCF or PTCRB. This certification is mandatory for any mobile devices to be accepted by network operators. Part of this certification are tests for IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS).

Rohde & Schwarz provides a comprehensive solution for conformance testing based on the trusted R&S CMW500 protocol conformance tester. In connection with the R&S CMX500 radio communication tester, all test systems can be upgraded for 5G NR. Software option R&S CMX-KC621X now adds the validated 5G IMS test cases on the R&S CMX500.