Würth Elektronik Expands its Portfolio of High Frequency Wire Wound Ceramic SMT Inductors

Würth Elektronik has expanded its WE-KI product family with the introduction of more ceramic inductor variants in 0603 and 0805 packages. Now the portfolio includes over 300 models with an inductance value from 1 to 1800 nH, in four sizes from 0402 to 1008, optionally with ±2 and ±5 per cent tolerance.

The SMT-mountable ceramic inductors are aimed specifically at high frequency applications. For example, a WE-KI variant is often used in telecommunications and antenna matching. The Antenna Matching Service is an additional design assistance from Würth Elektronik offering developers a means of reliably optimizing efficiency and range.

Compared to other technologies like multilayer ceramic inductors or thin-film inductors, WE-KI offer a high Q factor and very high rated currents. WE-KI is characterized by high thermal stability and is specified for the operating temperature range from -40 to +125ºC. The highest possible specified self-resonant frequency extends to 12.5 GHz. In order to facilitate selection in designs, Würth Elektronik provides Spice models (LT Spice and PSpice) for simulation of all variants.

Würth Elektronik is offering Design Kits for these inductors. Click here for more information on the WE-KI product family.