Linx Technologies Introduces New Gold-plated SMB RF Connectors

Linx Technologies has released a new series of gold-plated SMB RF connectors. These connectors excel in a wide range of applications including, Internet of Things (IoT), cellular IoT, cellular LTE, LPWA, GNSS, industrial, commercial, and enterprise applications.

Boasting low insertion loss and VSWR to 4 GHz and beyond, the Linx SMB connectors combine superior performance, compact size, and a convenient snap-on mating interface, to provide a reliable, easy-to-use connection.

The Linx Technologies line of SMB connectors provides for a range of solutions, offering surface mount, PCB mount, and cable-crimp mount. Linx is also offering SMA to SMB adapters, providing flexibility in design and integration.

The SMB connectors are gold plated to provide superior corrosion resistance. Additionally, all Linx connectors meet RoHS lead free standards, and are tested to meet requirements for corrosion resistance, vibration, mechanical and thermal shock.

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