AMCAD Launches Dual Output Comb Generator for Up to 26.5 GHz

AMCAD Engineering, provider of best-in-class Measurement, Modeling and Design solutions for microwave components, circuits, and RF sub-systems, released the HPR7227A, comb generator which provides harmonic signals with a fixed and known phase relationship between each tone. It can generate signals up to 26.5 GHz at frequency intervals as small as 10MHz, or up to 40GHz with a higher input signal (up to 7 GHz).

The HPR7227A has been developed for the characterization of nonlinear RF devices (transistors, amplifiers), enabling the measurements of absolute phase of the harmonic content of a signal, and allowing Waveform engineering capabilities in time-domain Load-Pull. With the dual output (Ref. port + Cal. Port) a time-domain load-pull setup uses only one HPR (Harmonic Phase Reference).

Used in combination with IVCAD Software, this Comb Generator enables accurate phase-calibrated measurement of harmonic signals when measured with a Vector Network Analyzer, to provide true RF waveform measurements at the DUT reference plane.

Main features of HPR7227A includes:

  • Broadband input (10 MHz to 7 GHz)
  • Compatible with an external synthesizer
  • Dual differential comb Generator output connectors
  • One HPR provides both CAL and REF for time-domain calibrated RF measurements
  • Can be used in single mode with output n°2 terminated with 50W load
  • Flat amplitude response versus frequency
  • Calibrated with 10MHz input signal using NIST traceable Comb Generator
  • Output harmonic signals are available from 10MHz to 26.5GHz with a 10MHz input signal
  • Output harmonic signals up to 40GHz with an input signal up to 7GHz.
  • Stable output signal & repeatable measurements
  • Input connector: Super SMA Female (Front panel)
  • Output A connector: 2.92mm male (Back panel)
  • Output B connector: 2.92mm female (Back panel)
  • DC supply: USB Powered 5VDC / 200mA (Front panel)

The HPR727A comb generator can be used as a very broadband reliable EMC signal source reference for rapid and efficient testing. EMC Laboratories calibrate their test sites, instrumentation, and accessories regularly. The main applications for the HPR7227A include time-domain calibrated RF measurements for Power Amplifier Waveform engineering; RF Transistor EPHD Behavioral Modelling and EMC/EMI Testing.

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