Xilinx Collaborates with Fujitsu to Support 5G Deployments in the US

Xilinx, a leader in adaptive computing, announced that the company is supplying its leading UltraScale+ technology to Fujitsu Limited for its O-RAN 5G radio units (O-RUs). Fujitsu O-RUs using Xilinx technology will be deployed in the first O-RAN-compliant 5G greenfield networks in the U.S. Fujitsu is also evaluating Xilinx RFSoC technology to further reduce cost and power consumption for additional future site deployments.

Fujitsu O-RUs are ideal for a broad range of the spectrum and multi-band applications for 5G O-RAN networks. The Xilinx UltraScale+ devices used within Fujitsu O-RUs deliver the best balance of cost economies as well as the adaptability and scalability required for the evolving needs of 5G O-RAN network requirements. Additionally, Xilinx will continue to work with other O-RAN ecosystem partners to ensure continued validation of the hardware and software necessary for world-class 5G networks.

Xilinx is proud to collaborate with Fujitsu in the development of their multi-generation 5G radio units using their industry-leading UltraScale+ solutions, which will be deployed in a major greenfield 5G network. As the market needs for 5G continue to evolve, Fujitsu also recognized the importance of integrating Xilinx adaptable RFSoCs to address the evolution of standards for next-generation radio deployments.

Fujitsu’s design team has worked closely with Xilinx on O-RAN radio units to enable greater flexibility and cost savings while also delivering greater innovation as well as new capabilities for 5G networks. Together, Xilinx’s UltraScale+ portfolio of solutions with Fujitsu’s leading radio platforms delivers a solid foundation for enabling the great benefits of O-RAN that are central to 5G deployments. Fujitsu is looking forward to continuing such collaborative efforts with Xilinx to integrate its RFSoC family into next-generation solutions.

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  • Country: United States
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