Teledyne Updates its Virtual Trade Show Platform to Showcase 20 of their Companies in Multiple Markets

Teledyne Defense Electronics (TDE) has announced the expansion of its Virtual Trade Show – the evergreen online tour platform for its customers to self-direct to topics and solutions of interest in an efficient and visually compelling manner. Under the new update, Teledyne has integrated the platform with extensive web content in market applications that enables visitors to quickly find and drill down into the Teledyne offering or capability they are interested in.

Entering the VTS, visitors begin an immersive online experience exploring the TDE trade show “hall”, kiosks, and open-space movie theater with the sense of being physically present in a non-physical world. It offers a 360º panorama view, allowing customers to “look” in any direction and move through the TDE hall using a laptop mouse.

Market Webpages: Moving through the hall, visitors may click on prompts that appear for numerous global markets that TDE serves, and in some cases markets served by other Teledyne companies. They are then connected to a webpage for that market showcasing the complimentary Teledyne solutions and capabilities spanning more than 20 separate and distinct Teledyne business units. These markets webpages are constructed to enable visitors to quickly find and drill down into a wide array of Teledyne solutions for that market. Each page provides pop-up imagery and text descriptions of each of those solutions sitting alongside larger images of major platforms for that market, for example, an aircraft, tank, satellite, oil drill, missile, etc.

Hovering over any single solution reveals for the customer a hotspot on the platform where that solution is deployed. The webpage also lists government and defense programs that TDE participates in, thus providing customers with a precision overview of how and where Teledyne solutions are deployed in that market.

Whether in the Virtual Trade Show or on the web pages, visitors can immediately access valuable product information, whitepapers, videos, presentations, and more.

"By integrating this new web content into the multi-media experience of the VTS, we have a compelling tool that customers use to quickly navigate to the Teledyne capabilities they are seeking,” said Guy Foster, Director of Market Development for TDE. “The new web content itself is also a major expansion of the TDE website, offering visitors a convenient 30,000-foot visual overview of the broad range of products, applications, platforms, and government programs touched by Teledyne Defense Electronics.”

Click here to visit the TDE Virtual Trade Show.