Southwest Microwave Introduces Board-to-Board PCB Connectors from DC to 67 GHz

Southwest Microwave has introduced SuperMini Board-to-Board (SSBB) connectors from DC to 67 GHz. These Board-to-Board solutions maximize the electrical performance of the transmission path between connector and circuit. The unique bullet and PCB receptacle designs offer the industry’s lowest mate/demate forces and misalignment loss.

Key Features of these Board-to-Board Connectors:
  • Reach higher frequencies with the 0.9 mm interface.
  • Achieve board-to-board spacing as close as 3 mm.
  • Lowest mating / demating forces for smooth bore (6 oz. / 6 oz.) and detent (9 oz. / 12 oz.).
  • Accommodates misalignment of up to 10 mils axial and +/- 10° radial with no performance degradation.
  • Unique bullet design enables extended mating and de-matting cycles.

SuperMini Board-to-Board connectors successfully address the physical and performance limitations of standard SMP designs. These ultra-high frequency and miniaturized push-on interconnect solutions are for high-density PCB interface features such as advanced bullet and receptacle construction that maximizes product lifespan and significantly improves resilience against RF signal degradation.

These connectors are ideal for defense, aerospace, communications, networking, and test applications, these lightweight yet rugged blind-mate connectors enhance reliability and performance for board-to-board stacking, edge-mount to the backplane, or board-to-panel interconnections. With horizontal and vertical mount options, they are an excellent answer where space and weight efficiencies are essential, such as radar systems, phased array antennas, amplifiers, receiver units, switch matrices, channelizers, and circuit cards.