RFHIC Introduces a C-band Solid-State Power Amplifier for Pulsed Applications

RFHIC, a leading RF GaN Solutions company has introduced the RRP54592K4-24 - a new C-band Solid-State Power Amplifier (SSPA) that covers the frequency band from 5.4 to 5.9 GHz and offers a high output power of 2.4 KW with a pulse condition of 10% duty cycle. RFHIC's in-house designed & manufactured GaN on SiC transistors have been utilized to develop the RRP54592K4-24. The SSPA is available in a small and compact module that measures 210 x 240 x 25 mm without connectors.

This product can be used in various applications such as military or commercial radars, weather radars, industrial, scientific and medical applications where pulsed RF power is required. For example, it could be used for cancer ablation or accelerators at 5.8 GHz frequency of ISM band. 

RFHIC has plans to expand its current line of SSPA solutions for radar applications to meet various fields' needs. They also plan to add a number of high power SSPA modules and transmitter solutions for kW levels in L, S, C, X, and K bands.

RFHIC is one of the leaders in developing and manufacturing RF & microwave components. More than 20 years of commercializing and promoting various GaN on SiC solutions to the world. RFHIC secures GaN tech-based solutions from component level to high power solid-state power amplifiers and transmitters level.

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